DJ Wiz Kid

Now known as DJ Frontier, DJ Wiz Kid was an underground Tampa DJ who experienced a lot of popularity from a line of Cassette Program Releases, which were released between October of 1990 to March of 1992. The influence of these programs was massive, and their impact on the Tampa scene cannot be downplayed. The passion and the creativity that went into these programs still influences the work of DJ Frontier today.
DJ Wiz Kid produced a total of 19 Cassette Program Releases. The releases were as follows:

GEN 1 Releases

DJ Wiz Kid: Fresh Mix
October 1990

DJ Wiz Kid: Nasty Mix
October 1990

DJ Wiz Kid: Horizons
November 1990

DJ Wiz Kid: Horizons 2
November 1990

DJ Wiz Kid: Horizons 3
December 1990

DJ Wiz Kid: Fire In The Desert
January 1991

DJ Wiz Kid: Slam
February 1991

DJ Wiz Kid: Horizons 4
March 1991

DJ Wiz Kid: Legacy
March 1991

CPR 10
DJ Wiz Kid: Dance Floor Express
April 1991

CPR 11
DJ Wiz Kid: Bitch Mini Promo
April 1991

CPR 12
DJ Wiz Kid: Rebel With A Cause
June 1991

GEN 2 Releases

CPR 13
DJ Wiz Kid: Waveform
July 1991

CPR 14
DJ Wiz Kid: Back To The Streets
July 1991

CPR 15
DJ Wiz Kid: Vision
August 1991

CPR 16
DJ Wiz Kid: Party Zone
September 1991

CPR 17
DJ PJ: Party Mix
September 1991

CPR 18
DJ Wiz Kid: Bitch: The Major Release
October 1991

CPR 19
DJ Wiz Kid: Eat Me Bitch
November 1991

CPR 20
DJ Wiz Kid: Waveform 2
December 1991

DJ Wiz Kid was ready to expand his career with the popularity of his earlier work, but realized that he needed a more marketable name as a DJ than Wiz Kid. As he planned for the next generation of releases, he decided to change his name.
In 1993, DJ Wiz Kid became DJ Frontier. To this day, he is DJ Frontier, and is preparing for a new generation of releases; GEN 5 Digital Program Releases, and digital Commercial Program Releases. This, of course, is but one small facet of what is coming. DJ Frontier is also planning an onslaught of multimedia, event, and stage projects. He will become one of the most photographed and filmed DJ’s in history.
With all this going on as DJ Frontier, why is this DJ Wiz Kid site up? Well, the main reason is as a tribute to history, and his roots as one of the most creative and influential underground DJ’s in Tampa Bay history. Another big reason is that most of the DJ Wiz Kid releases are going to be converted from analog audio cassette to digital releases. They are all branded with the old DJ Wiz Kid name, and because of the program content and the new branding, it made sense to set up an official DJ Wiz Kid web site. The re-released programs will have new GEN 5 formatted covers, too, so these are exciting times, as an entirely new generation is exposed to programming that you cannot get anywhere else.
Another reason is that DJ Wiz Kid had thousands of fans, and this is one way for them to reconnect with him, learn that he is now DJ Frontier, and check out his evolution as a trendsetting, and brilliant, artist. If they thought that he had done entertaining work as DJ Wiz Kid, he stepped up to serious, professional standards when he changed his name to DJ Frontier and continued on with a third generation of excellent, quality audio programs.
The last DJ Wiz Kid release was in late 1991, with the production line coming to an end in March 1992. Within a year, DJ Wiz Kid became DJ Frontier, and began to build a new production studio for professional-caliber cassette program releases.
In June, 1994, DJ Wiz Kid returned as DJ Frontier, releasing his 22nd Cassette Program Release, Futura. Futura was the first GEN 3 release, and featured 3D audio, a professionally mixed and mastered program, and digitally source music for the analog program. Futura was followed by the sequel to 1991'a Party Zone, Party Zone 2. DJ Frontier next redid Horizons, releasing Horizons RMX, and then released a sequel to the Waveform series, Waveform 3. The GEN 3 Waveform 3, unlike the previous two GEN 3 DJ Wiz Kid Waveform released, changed gears, adopting a beach theme and introducing a character named Washout. It was a massive hit, and will inspire a range of GEN 5 Digital Program Release sequels (Waveform 4, Waveform RMX, Daytona, and Sandbar), as well as a Waveform indie film project.
Following Waveform 3, DJ Frontier produced his a heavy metal/ rock program, Rebellion, and then turned out another Party Zone dance mix, Party Zone 3. Party Zone 3 proved to be a massive hit, and became one of the most popular Cassette Program Releases ever made.
DJ Frontier next did a science fiction / nostalgia release titled Generation. Generation was another hit, featuring a lot of great 80's music. After Generation, DJ Frontier released a sequel to Futura, Futura 2, which, while entertaining, was not much of a hit due to the original program concept becoming derailed by DJ Foxx pulling out of the project before it was complete. DJ Frontier would later state that he should have simply gone to the drawing board and completely redone the release instead of allowing it to become watered down. Of course, all should be rectified with the upcoming GEN 5 releases Futura 3, and Futura RMX.
After Futura 2 came Party Zone 4, which admittedly was another misstep, although it was still popular. It just failed to follow the high point set by Party Zone 3. Which was fine, because DJ Frontier went right back to work and did another Party Zone, Party Zone RMX. The final GEN 3 release, Party Zone RMX ended the Cassette Program Release era on a high note.
In 1997, DJ Frontier began to DJ a lot of parties, theme events, weddings, and other events. The underground DJ’ing era appeared to be over.
Until now.
In 1999, DJ Frontier commissioned a new production studio, and began planning his first digital releases. GEN 4 releases would be published on CD’s, with high quality standards and new digitally designed covers. The work continued into 2000, when he became a professional photographer and started doing a lot of photography work.
GEN 4 became sidetracked in 2002, when DJ Frontier decided to take a break from DJ’ing.
DJ Frontier spent most of 2003 auditing other DJ’s and studying more about mobile DJ’ing. The rest of his break, however, would stretch into six long years. In 2007, plans were drawn up for GEN 5 standards, which would see releases digitally produced and published as MP3's. GEN 5 release standards evolved over time, and eventually, were reverse compatible with GEN 4 standards. It was decided to release GEN 5 released with printable CD insert print files, so fans could rip their own CD releases and customize them if desired.
Now, it’s 2009. Next year is the 20th anniversary of the first release of DJ Wiz Kid. This is a celebration, and as part of that celebration, we are re-releasing MP3 versions of most of the DJ Wiz Kid back catalog. All those releases will have new, GEN 5 format cover image files, too, which are optimized for iPods and portable digital media players.
A new era is here, and this is going to become a revolution!

A big DIS to all the pretenders out there using my name on freebie social networking sites! I own the rights to the name, and own the domain name, so deal with it! Also, what's up with all these sucker DJ's doing hip hop? There are more genres of music than that..... Don't you DJ's spin dance music?

DJ Wiz Kid


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